About Us

A Branch of Centers for Peace and Mercy, inc.

Welcome to the Rockwall Masjid Project, Established 2018.

Alhamdulillah, we are a group of American born/raised Muslim Doctors living in the DFW area, we banded a few years ago with a concern regarding the state of the muslims and their progeny living in small town USA with no masjids to attend. It was our experience from our travels throughout our country, the negative impact it has on the spirit of muslims being away from the masjid. This lead to the birth of Centers of Peace and Mercy (CPM).  Here we decided to commit whatever skills and experiences we have along with the resources that were at our disposal to generate and raise funds from our contacts in the medical community and beyond to establish mussallahs, and subsequently purchase land in various areas and slowly work towards building masajids.

One of us had to the opportunity to work in one of  the medical clinics in Rockwall.  A dire need was felt for a masjid.  This, coupled with our monthly khurooj trips, got a feel of the pulse of the community.

We felt a strong craving that the Muslims of Rockwall had to pray together under one roof, so with the help of a few Muslims who resided in, or had businesses in Rockwall, we established the Jumu’ah Salaah beginning of March 2018 for the FIRST time in Rockwall.

This is the inception of the Rockwall Masjid Project (RMP)!

The CPM has continued to organize the Jumu’ah Salaah in Rockwall.  Recently the CPM organized Taraweeh Salaah for the first time in Rockwall.  The Taraweeh Salaat were conducted by two Huffaz.  The entire Quran was complete this past Ramadan, alhamdulillah!

Allah has been extemely merciful to us!!!  On July 16th, CPM purchased a 2.7 acre parcel of land right off of Ridge road to eventually construct the first Masjid in the entire Rockwall County!

In the meantime, on August 1st, we established the first Musallah in Rockwall on 212 Kenway St.  Alhamdulillah, Sheikh Zaid will be leading the community with daily salawat, Jumu’ah and other Aa’maal for adults and children (refer to Activity Menu for details).

The Rockwall Muslim Community is growing.  Muslims here need a Masjid on an urgent basis.  It is very hard to commute 20 to 25 mins to the nearest Masjid for daily prayers.  The purpose of the Masjid will be to establish deen in the Rockwall and the surrounding areas.  The community needs a Masjid to 1) provide an environment to our future generation (i.e. our kids) to teach and practice Islam 2) cater all required religious activities (Dawah, Daily Salaat, Juma/Taraweeh/Eid Salaat, Madrasa/Maktab, other religious and social services).

The RMP will inshallah be one of the many branches of Centers for Peace and Mercy Inc (non-profit 501(c)3, tax Id 46-2736348).

The first phase of the project of purchasing the land is complete.  Now we are working towards the second phase, which is the planning to develop the land and eventually construct the Masjid insha’Allah.  An urgent Appeal to all Muslims all around the world is made to contribute to this great cause of building a Masjid to serve the Rockwall and surrounding Muslim Communities.

Please donate generously!   Our PayPal payment ID is paypal.me/peacemercy.

May Allah accept our efforts!