Masjid Project

Rockwall Masjid Project is spearheaded by Centers for Peace and Mercy Inc (nonprofit tax Id 46-2736348).

CPM’s (Centers for Peace and Mercy) vision is to establish Musallahs and/or Masjids in communities where there are Muslims but no Musallahs or Masjids.

CPM conducted the first meeting with the Rockwall Community members about the project in March 2018, and presented the scope and milestones (including budget). CPM conducted the second meeting with the Community to discuss about the Masjid Project in May 2108 and addressed questions and concerns. A small fundraising dinner was arranged at the same time, however very little funds were collected (Around $4K).

Below is the overview of the Project:

Phase 1 – Completed!

**CPM identified a 2.68 acres land in an excellent location (Ridge Road and Turtle Cove) – Priced at $179K

Watch these videos to get an idea of the land and surrounding of the city –

**Pre-development meeting with the Rockwall City Planning Dept was held on 4/16/2018.  Our Architect Br Helal, Br Diab, and Br Tohfa participated in the meeting on behalf of CPM.

**No objection from Planning Dept to build the Masjid in this land – assured full cooperation

Phase 2a – Budget $179K –  Completed!

Purchase the land – Need immediate action!!!  Please donate generously!

CPM has signed a contract with the landowner on June 5, 2018 with the closing date on July 16, 2018.

Phase 2b – Musallah – Completed!

Until we build the Masjid in Rockwall, we need to have a place to conduct Juma and daily Salaat.  However, we have contacted many landlords for their “for lease” properties, but they declined to rent it to us, either there are limited parking spots or they are not willing to rent it out for place of worship.

We welcome any ideas from Communities and experts on this matter. Please send your suggestion to

Phase 3 – Construction of the Masjid (Budget $1.3 million approximately)

**Architectural designer will be presenting the drawings (building plan) to the city once the land is purchased

**Build 2500 Sqft temporary Masjid building with 40 parking spots – $450k

**Remaining land development – $150K

**Parking Spot – 150 spots – $3.5K/spot – $525K

**8000 Sqft Masjid at $125 per sqft – $1 million

***Total anticipated development cost over a duration of approximately 5 years*** – $2,125,000