Sunday School

Islamic Sunday School Starting in Rockwall

As-salamu-alaikum, dear community members:

By the grace of Allah, the Islamic Sunday School will be starting on August 19th at the Rockwall Musallah in Rockwall, insha’Allah.  Details are as follow:

First day of class and orientation:  August 19th, 2018
Sunday school timings:  Sundays 1130 am to 2 pm
Address:  Rockwall Musallah – 212 Kenway Street in Rockwall

The monthly tuition for the 2018-2019 year will be $50 per month per child. A one time non-refundable $50 individual student application fee must be submitted with the student enrollment Form, or a $75 family application fee for more than one child.

Please visit for further deails and enrollment documents.  You may print and fill them out, and bring them with your child for the orientation.

For further information, please contact Brother Emad Usmani at 320-260-1421, or email him at

May Allah make this program full of blessings and benefit for the children of our community!